We welcome you to join our journey. Discover, share a laugh, and encounter your own moments of wonder. It’s more than just products; it’s about friendship and enjoyment. Welcome to Thinkyblog. Dive into the amusing, peculiar, and occasionally downright absurd world of essential finds with us. Who knows? Your next moment of "Why did I think I needed this?" could be just around the corner!

The Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious

Every product has a story. Some turned out to be amazing and became part of our daily lives. Others ended up in the back of our closets. Through it all, we laughed, rolled our eyes, and found joy in every click, beep, and buzz.


Why On Earth Did We Buy This?

It’s the question we three friends have asked each other more times than we can remember. It’s become our inside joke. Why did we buy that odd kitchen tool that said it could cook breakfast by itself? Or that wristband that was going to help us understand our dreams? This shared curiosity led us down a path filled with laughter, and yes, a few head-shakes.’

Our Journey

Three Friends Tired of Buying the Wrong Stuff

The story of Thinkyblog starts with three long-time buddies. We’ve been curious about a lot of products since we were kids. We’ve seen it all, tried it all, and ended up buying too much of it. Some of our homes are filled with tech wonders. Others are filled with, well, stuff we’re still trying to figure out why we bought.

Having Fun with Each Product

At Thinkyblog, we talk about products in a way that's real. Each one is part of our friendship, part of our story. Even the ones that didn't work taught us something.

Tech: Where Fun Meets Functionality

What's the biggest lesson? That tech isn't just about making life easier; it's about fun, surprise, and shared laughs. It's about looking at a new gadget and asking, "Why on Earth did we buy this?" and realizing that wondering is half the fun.

The Team

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