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Ever bought something you didn’t need? 

Welcome to ThinkyBlog, where we sift through the noise to bring you products that truly enhance your tech, home, and travel life. Whether you’re a tech aficionado or simply looking to enrich your daily living, ThinkyBlog is your guide to the must-have products that make a difference.

Explore with us, share a laugh, and perhaps rethink your next product choice. Together, we’ll navigate through the world of essential products.

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About ThinkyBlog

Three Friends Tired of Buying the Wrong Stuff

The tale of Thinkyblog unfolds with three lifelong friends. Our fascination has always stretched beyond mere gadgets to all things innovative. From childhood, our curiosity led us to explore, test, and, admittedly, accumulate more than necessary. Our homes became galleries of technological marvels and collections of curiosities, prompting the question: why did we think we needed these?

Each item carries its tale, with some integrating seamlessly into our daily routines, while others were relegated to closet corners. Throughout this journey, laughter, occasional eye rolls, and delight in every discovery have been our constant companions.

Why On Earth Did We Buy This?

Our Journey

It’s the question we three friends have asked each other more times than we can remember. It’s become our inside joke. Why did we buy that odd kitchen tool that said it could cook breakfast by itself? Or that wristband that was going to help us understand our dreams? This shared curiosity led us down a path filled with laughter, and yes, a few head-shakes.

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