The Magic of Ring Lights: Illuminate Your Creativity

The glow of a ring light casts a spell of enchantment, enhancing detail and eliminating unwanted shadows. A tool that’s vital to photographers, vloggers, and makeup artists, ring lights have seen a surge in popularity. They come in different forms, each serving a unique purpose. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of ring lights and highlight our top picks on the market.

Understanding Ring Lights

Before diving into our top choices, it’s essential to understand the different types of ring lights available. Broadly, they can be categorized into three types based on their use cases: studio, portable, and smartphone ring lights.

1. Studio Ring Lights

Studio ring lights are typically large, with diameters ranging from 14 to 20 inches. They are often used in professional settings like photography studios and film sets. These ring lights come with stands, allowing you to adjust their height and angle according to your needs. Some advanced models also offer adjustable color temperatures and dimming capabilities.

2. Portable Ring Lights

Portable ring lights, as the name suggests, are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for on-the-go usage. These types of ring lights are popular among travel vloggers and photographers who need to carry their gear with them. Despite their smaller size, many portable ring lights still offer impressive brightness levels and features like adjustable color temperatures.

3. Smartphone Ring Lights

Smartphone ring lights are the smallest of the bunch, designed to clip directly onto a mobile device. They’re perfect for enhancing selfies or video calls. These ring lights are often rechargeable, with some models even offering additional features like adjustable brightness levels and color temperatures.

Having illuminated the types of ring lights available, let’s turn our attention to the top picks in each category:

Top Pick: Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit

The Neewer Ring Light Kit shines bright at the top of our list. This kit not only includes a fully dimmable 18-inch ring light, but it also features a sturdy light stand, a soft tube, color filters, a hot shoe adapter for DSLR cameras, and even a smartphone holder. Its comprehensive range of features, high-quality build, and competitive price tag make it a stellar option for beginners and professionals alike.

Budget Choice: Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

For those on a budget, the Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light offers impressive illumination at a pocket-friendly price. Portable and rechargeable, this ring light is designed to clip directly onto smartphones, making it perfect for on-the-go content creators. While it may not offer the same power as larger models, its convenience and affordability are hard to beat.

Luxury Option: Flashpoint Photo/Video 19″ AC Powered 55W Dimmable LED Ring Light

Flashpoint Photo/Video 19" AC Powered 55W Dimmable LED Ring Light

When budget isn’t a concern, the Flashpoint Photo/Video 19″ Ring Light is our top recommendation. This professional-grade model offers adjustable color temperature, a wide dimming range, and a built-in diffuser for creating soft, flattering light. It’s a luxurious option that’s well worth the investment.

Tech-Savvy Choice: Inkeltech Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

Inkeltech Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

The Inkeltech Ring Light not only delivers stunning illumination, but it also comes with advanced features that tech enthusiasts will appreciate. The ring light can be controlled using a handy remote, allowing users to adjust brightness levels and switch between light modes with ease. Plus, its Bluetooth compatibility means you can control your camera shutter directly from the light.


Whether you’re a professional photographer, a beauty blogger, or just someone looking to elevate your Zoom meeting game, there’s a ring light out there that fits your needs and budget. By exploring these top picks, you can bask in the magic of ring lights and see your creative endeavors in a whole new light.

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